Cuschieri Auto and Truck Repair Specialty Custom Work

Custom Work

If you want to give your vehicle an awesome new look, Cuschieri Auto & Truck Repair of Redwood City, CA, provides custom work that will take you—and your ride—exactly where you want to go.

We install aftermarket front-suspension clips, build differentials, and install engines. We offer drum-to-disc brake swaps and fabrication. We do everything but paint!

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53 Ford - Custom made wheels tubs, chopped & 455 Pontaic Engine

Jeep (lift kit, safari rack and custom made lock):

The client wanted to add a Safari Rack to fit 2 Gas Cans. He wanted to make sure they didn’t rattle and they couldn’t be stolen so Bobby fabricated a pin and lock system that could still work with the spare tire on the back of the Jeep!

Suspension Project: Chevy Tahoe (lift kit, before):

Custom made dash panel for 52 Chrysler:

70 Impala:

70 Mustang:

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